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When operating a business, it’s easy to forget essential office cleaning duties. Remember that while you’re busy hustling through projects, dust accumulates on your desk, dishes are stacking up in the sink, and crumbs are gathering on the floor.

An unclean office is not only unsightly, but it’s also unhealthy. The employees become less productive, and the business makes a wrong impression. Not to mention the safety and sanitary concerns! The best way to combat workplace uncleanliness is to create a routine cleaning schedule for your office. It may sound daunting, but creating a strict cleaning schedule is simply about managing the office needs and making a plan.

What does office cleaning involve?

From your light switches to office computer cables, a professional clean will thoroughly sanitize all surfaces in your workspace. Leaving no stone (or desk) unturned, our clean, professional program at GoldMaids Team works through your workspace, from the security keypad by the main entrance to the light switch in the cleaning cupboard.

There’s a lot to consider in creating an office cleaning schedule. Here are a few tips from the professionals at GoldMaids Team Services to get you started.

1. Professional Work Environment 

Having the office cleaned daily guarantees that it looks at its best at all times, which is especially vital when clients come to visit, or you’re trying to recruit new employees – first impressions do matter. Stepping through the door into a clean, soothing, well-organized office puts everyone on the same page and ready to work without interruptions and hassles.

2. Reduces Sick Leaves 

You’ll see a decrease in staff sick days when you strive to keep your office clean routinely. This is because germs have more difficulty settling in and spreading from employee to employee in clean offices. This will not only keep your employees healthy, but it will also profit your company. The more sick days your staff takes, the more money your company loses over time. 

This is because unforeseen absences affect an office’s overall productivity, which often crosses over into sales and customer service. Your profits will suffer if your productivity, deals, or customer service suffers. This is the most appropriate reason to plan regular office cleaning to decrease employee sick days.

3. Decreases Cleaning Charges 

You must be wondering how daily cleaning can save your money. Well, this is true. When you encourage your employees to keep their workstations neat and let professional cleaners remove stains quickly, it will save you from dealing with tough stains, grime, and grease.

It is always more challenging to deal with built-up stains than the new spill, and that’s why it is imperative to keep your senses active when cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting a commercial space.

Tip: It is good to hire a professional commercial cleaning company in Central Florida every two to three months for thorough cleaning. They will ensure deep cleaning of the areas you may have forgotten while sprucing up your office. From window cleaning to carpet steaming, kitchen sanitization, pest control to washroom disinfection, each cleaning task is executed to give you 100 % cleaning satisfaction.

4. Precise Quality Assurance 

A fixed cleaning schedule helps professionals deliver highly consistent customer service. In addition, knowing when your building has been cleaned helps our quality assurance inspectors accurately assess the work the cleaner is putting into your building.

Accurately assessing the cleaner’s performance is the best way to correct cleaning deficiencies promptly, ensuring you receive consistent cleaning every time professionals step into your building.

5. Creates Structure 

Creating a cleaning schedule devices a cleaning structure. Processes and protocols are very crucial to help set up best practices that are safe and secure. In addition, a cleaning schedule can help clarify what to use and not to use. For instance, some cleaners should never be mixed; without clear communication, this could quickly happen by mistake.

Systematically and routinely cleaning your workspace is crucial for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant working environment. Professional cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses and keeps tabs on clutter and dust. In addition, a clean workspace will help motivate employees and help them feel happier about coming to work, especially where there has been an issue concerning illness or rodents.

What time should the office cleaning take place? 

It’s not common for cleaning professionals to work during business hours. But, the last thing you need is vacuums sound while trying to work! That is the reason why we at GoldMaids Team work at flexible hours. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. For more information on our services, connect with us today!

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